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10 Tattoo DON’Ts!! How To Avoid STUPID Tattoos


  1. I tattooed my entire body, but that's because its what my people do when you were brave, the more tattoos you have the braver you were in a situation.

  2. What do you think of a dagger through a rose on my forearm?

  3. Don't tattoo song lyrics unless they have been important to you for your whole life (under no circumstances tattoo emo lyrics though)

  4. tip number 12: don't get a tattoo

  5. I'll never understand why someone would get a tattoo on their face.

  6. I have a lot of tattoos, know a of of people who have tattoos and know a lot of people in the trade. Generally as a rule of thumb for advice is wait until you are like thirty before getting your first tattoo because one you are far more likely to be in your long term adult self at that point and in better judgement of what kind of tattoo you will get or whether you should get a tattoo at all for a whole host of reasons be it social and or economic and also for a lot of people what you think is cool at 18 you are going to think is asinine at 35. Finally take your time to find a good artist. There are a lot of good artists out there. But there are even more mediocre or bad artists out there so check out the quality of the work of the artist before you use them. I guarantee it is worth your while.

  7. i have one tattoo of a small initial on my hand from an ex , its small enough that i can hide it and its on my palm…so although breaking two of the rules i kinda like it reminds me of good times.

  8. Wanna know a good tattoo? Get teige hanley!

  9. this guy is a douche, DON'T TAKE TATTOO ADVISE FROM A GUY WITH LITTLE TO NO INK! one true statement is don't get your girlfriend or boyfriends name. THAT'S ABOUT IT, I LOVE MY IMPULSE INK!.. Bro, you have NO right to post this with 2 1 inch tattoos.

  10. that bumblebee is my school's mascot xd

  11. Why does this dude keep assuming I'm a damn man?

  12. This guy has had 2 bad tattoos and now thinks he can judge and tell people about tattoos and whether or not he thinks they are good or not. HA!

  13. you look like a gremlin
    no amount of undercut or creatine can fix that

  14. what about a barcode with your personal information on it?

  15. Don't have to have tattoo experience to have good taste.

  16. DONT EVER tell me how to live my life. If i want to get a tattoo of a unicorn then i will..

  17. Wtf is this fucking title


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