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10 TIPS + Lifehacks to Make Your Room Look Bigger!


  1. I just love this 😘😘 it's awesome and your room is so beautiful💖💖

  2. my closet is half the size of my room my sister got the big room and I got the small one. it my closet is a MESS!!!

  3. I'm watching this on how to clean my room but yet I int cleaning my room..isn't it true?

  4. This video probably helped a lot of people but my room is way smaller and I can't get a lot of that stuff 1. because I'm not the one buying it and 2. I don't have room to move stuff around to do the stuff

  5. I don't even have a usable closet. Hahahaha, crap.

  6. yeah my room is like a box room

  7. this video is very helpful. Wen i take out 1 thing from my room, 10 things fall down just because every thing is so conjusted

  8. Idk why I'm watching this I have a big room can I get ten likes I've never got a like🙂

  9. I have that same blue body pillow and my teacher has a some of those red little bins

  10. After she said to subscribe if this is my first go,e on her her channel I suvrbsbibed

  11. she could say simply to clean room except of doing those all things

  12. Thank you so much! I have such a small room and it always seems cluttered.

  13. Hiiii. I hope you read my comment, because I really need some help. I want my channel to be successful like yours. could you help me? please check my channel and tell me something, an advice for my channel. I desperately want your advice.

  14. I can not stand dingy ppl like this. Really makes it hard to watch the video and actually father information from it. Can youtubers take it down a notch and chill instead of being bouncy and bubbling and annoying

  15. my bed is my room….my bed is a twin size bed…my room is as big as my bed almost

  16. I would really like to make my bedroom cute and not cluttered but I feel to lazy


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