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200 Creative WOOD Furniture and House Ideas 2016 – Chair Bed Table Sofa – Amazing Wood Designs


  1. very nice creative designs

  2. There were as anothers commented a fair number of duplicate showings , more so near the ending , not the exact ending but defin. the later half BUT The designs were so unique and so good i didn't mind in the least nor did i mind the back ground music that one other at least , complained about, I Enjoyed every minute of this video THANKS SO MUCH For uploading it for us all to see , =))
    Have a blessed day AND Bring on more videos ,i think youve a great talent for knowing whats good Cheers mate

  3. The coffee table / Looks like a cat bed below is awesome as is everything else, im only at the beginning and already excited enough to stop it and comment before moving on, , THANKS FOR THE POSTING,

  4. Si puedo yo exhibir mis muebles felicidades muy bonitos

  5. ungefähr 20 stücke doppelt

  6. Idéias inspiradoras,parabéns!

  7. Excellent presentation. Explanation very short, sharp & straight to the point. Easy to follow up without a plan or rough drawing or blueprint. Very easy to understood theory & practical. I really enjoyed all your video clips. I liked your way of tutorial concept, slow & calm. Double thumbs up to you for your efforts & once again a big thank you for your very useful info & tips. That was truly impressive for me. You are one of Professor Genius Sir David Einstein of modern advanced mechanical engineering. (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-)

  8. This is a good wood working book, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). I took various classes and finished a one year diploma in carpentry at a local tech college; this is better than any book I worked out of during those classes. It describes everything concerning wood working and complements it with useful pictures..

  9. new to your site…..absolutely stunning photos

  10. A few beauties in there, some were true art, some thrift store finds. Thanks for compilation

  11. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for compiling this video. I've wanted to create art out of wood for many years. I think I will begin by creating the cracked log lamps.

  12. Excuse me, if not difficult, please tell me what song or melody played by

  13. A wealth of ingenuity and ideas.
    Some I like, and some dont appeal at all. The pallet stuff is inclined to need a LOT of preparation, or it will be a death trap for clothing snags.
    The hollow log Ideas I found stimulating, as I have a few hollow logs that I've saved, and nothing has gelled yet, as to how to use them, but some ideas here are interesting.

  14. music….very relaxing!!!

  15. I am sure this took a long time to complete.


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