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Desk Hacks & Office Decor Ideas | Making the Most of Our Small Office!


  1. Where can I find those cute string lights?

  2. Yes, I wasn't expected something new, but you really surprise me again. There are so much things I can apply from this video in my life. Thank you, thank you! Oh, and yes I like to COLOR too and paint. I love paint and sometimes I feel like is embarrassing to admitting, but as you said " lest embraced it!. You video cheer me up to keep taking care of my love nest. Thanks a lot

  3. I love these ideas! I love coloring!! And I love gold!!!

  4. Great tips! Thank you for sharing your lovely office!

  5. Great ideas! Where are all the grey boxes from?!

  6. Where are your shelves from? I love them!

  7. Did I miss where the desk came from?

  8. Happy Birthday Scout! Love the video and you darling girl 💚

  9. Love your office and yes I love to color.

  10. I have that tape dispenser and stapler….

  11. I love your desk, please tell me where you got it from?

  12. How many times did you say "fabulous"? 😁 I love the video, it's fabulous 😆

  13. I celebrate my child's, I mean my dog's 😊 birthday every year. I see nothing wrong with it. ☺ Love your ideas. Whenever I watch your videos, I get this terrible anxious feeling that I want to hurry & move into my own place to decorate. I have a few more months to go. 👏👏

  14. You have Alexa in you room. Can do vid. Must be cool

  15. Love your ideas and those cute file folders. I like to color too!

  16. You're so funny! And practical which is great. I love to color but not in the adult coloring books those drive me crazy. I like the ol school ones for kids

  17. Oh …. my your video is fabulous


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