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Minecraft | TREE HOUSE | Build Tips & Ideas!


  1. For next video do custom trees

  2. so taking your idea

  3. ——————I> LIKE boom
    l boom

  4. Shared, Liked. I absolutely loved it, made me go and let's build something on the woods! 😛

  5. I would have built the platforms at different y-coordinates, and probably would have done a more tribal theme. You did an amazing job here.

  6. that tree house is amason

  7. is beatyfull this tree hourse

  8. Great treehouse but it would be better if it was actually mob-proof

  9. Ok this was helpful in ways…. :3

  10. what's with the random chicken 0:20

  11. I Designed A New Tree House And It Has A Slide And Its All Pink wool and quartz
    I Also Made An UnderGround Lair With MOBS And Traps And Stuff

  12. Thanks I Created Mine And Its All Pink Wool And The Stairs Are Quartz

  13. Nice your pretty good


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