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  1. @ukpedokiller , HAHAHAHAHAHH!!!… another one hiding behind anonymous screen name? well at least ya made me laugh, bring it on idiot… i'm so sick of you assholes making empty threats but doin' NOthing to stop REAL pedophiles in our community.. until ya do, this hot air sword rattling is all merely an exercise in futility, i don't know what good ya think it is, hope it makes ya feel better at least, ya jerk!

  2. @ida1yomomywarnyabout , yep, proves my point, you are making shit up to feather yer malcontent nest, i say to you, get real, stand up!.. get involved in curing the disease, not pointing it out ya useless jerk, be a part of the solution, not the problem…

  3. @ida1yomomywarnyabout , my attitude says your an idiot for making these salacious accusations all over the place & not really DOing something to stop the madness!!!
    making YOUR attitude that one of a flaming gas bag interested in perpetuating the scenario instead of actually helping kids or keeping them safe… keep it up brother, you're a case study. 😉

  4. @ida1yomomywarnyabout, yep, thx for confirming, you're just an embarrassing gas bag, when will you shut up & really DO something ya coward!?!…

  5. @ida1yomomywarnyabout , you are a piece of work man… how can you espouse being a defender of the children when you won't step out from behind this phony screen name & really DO something to save more of them that are continually at risk by your refusal to name names & get some concrete action?
    i curse you sir, you are far worse than those you complain about….

  6. deidreangel, TY for the wonderful vid!…
    so sorry you have been caught up in this sick comment battle below, forgive me plz, this guy is going around blowing steam all over the place, i hope ya delete it all, including mine… peace out 😉

  7. @Taklimakid you make me sick ya gas bag, every single day you let pass by w/ out doing anything to stop the madness, enables the evil!
    ACT not TALK, until you stop hiding behind a fake screen name UTTERING BULLSHIT & DO something about this, you are the antithesis of what you espouse & BREED MORE PEDOPHILIA ya ass wipe….


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