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The Sims 3 – Building My Dream House


  1. "I don't know if you've heard about it. It's called Google."🙂

  2. Who's watching in 2017?? MEE

  3. forget adding a piano into your house
    i want to install a full fucking pipe organ into my house.
    id blow down the neighbor's houses with my endless supply of pressurized air and my pipes of fury

  4. Your homes are very very very very cool…

  5. it is space consumingxx

  6. Where can I download Sims 3 for free and without virus ?

  7. can't add this to my watch later because a link to an advertisement is in the way…. anybody watching in 2017 want to comment so I have an easy way to get back here?


    and I can know it because I live in a pretty big house and this house would be bigger if it existed

  9. control shift +c , then type in "moveobjects on" then hit enter
    to undo the cheat , "moveobjects off"

  10. lols to that, i dont mean windows as an operating system , im dead

  11. the Sims is literally my life sadly or happily enough I'm on the game or watching videos for it basically 12 hours a day

  12. Does anyone else pronounce garage the way he does? I've never heard it pronounced that way before.

  13. When I go on exchange what do I do to find this ??

  14. I remember watching this video before and I can't believe I just found it again. Thank you so much for introducing me to the natural lighting.

  15. I didn't know Google was a website, I could have sworn it was a search engine…

  16. many pedos gonna be looking in

  17. You know this video is old when he says about the unknown website, as "GOOGLE" 😯😂 wow

  18. Question. If you remove roof tiles to make a skylight, does rain get in your house, or is there a thing that makes it so that rain doesn't come in?

  19. you want to play the piano cause the piano is awesome

  20. omg… I remember when this video first came out i watched it…
    I watch sims videos and see this
    Uploaded: 5 YEARS AGO OML


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